You can download the JaysFinder App by visiting Google Playstore for Andriod and the App Store for iOS devices. Search for “JaysFinder'' and click on install to get started.
Android devices can connect to 4 - 6 jay trackers. Apple IOS devices can connect to 6 - 12 jay trackers
Jay is a Bluetooth enabled tracker so it requires your Bluetooth enabled at all times to effectively track your items.
With a loud ring and a blinking light, when activated, Jay can find any device on silent or DND mode.
Yes. Your Jay tracker is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.
Once payment is made and your order is confirmed, shipping takes between 3-5 business days. You should receive your Jay within this shipping window.
All Jay devices have a 12 - 24 months life span. However, these batteries are totally replaceable so you can change them at any time. If you are not sure when to, a beeping sound will alert you when your battery needs to be replaced.
You can find any lost item by attaching a Jay tracker on your item and then logging on to the JaysFinder app. On the app simply click on the device you’re looking for and see where its location is on the map.
The Jay device is water-resistant so it can withstand minor spills, splashes and drops of water.